Ответы для 7-8 классов на олимпиаду Британский бульдог — вы можете найти на нашем сайте. Все задания один за одним. Поехали.

“Hello, we cannot come to the phone at the moment. Please, leave a message after the tone.”
“Hi, Carol! It’s me Barbara. I got your message and I’ve been trying to ring you, but your mobile phone is off. Perhaps you
are asleep or something. I’m so pleased you are feeling better. Mum tells me you’ll still be in quarantine for a week, so
I can’t come to visit. You must be really bored if you want to know what to study. Anyway, here you are. For French you
should study all the irregular verbs and do exercises 1 to 5 on page 61, for Geography we’ve done European mountains,
rivers and cities, pages 67 to 89. Finally, Maths. Exercises 1, 4 and 7 on page 43. Oh, I almost forgot. Miss Willis said that
if you have problems with the Maths you could phone her from 5 to 6.30 any weekday evening except Thursday. Got all
that? Phone me when you can. See you soon.”

1. Why did Barbara call Carol?

  1. She got the latter’s message
  2. Just for fun
  3. To tell her a joke
  4. She was free