Look at the picture and answer the questions

51. How many people are there in the picture?

A) TwoB) ThreeC) FourD) Five

52. What is standing between the woman and the boy?

A) A toyB) A ghostC) A snowmanD) A scarecrow

53. What does it have instead of a nose?

A) A cornB) A cabbageC) A cucumberD) A carrot

54. What is happening to it? It is …

A) meltingB) freezingC) boilingD) sinking

55. Which toy is lying on the floor? A toy …

A) foxB) rabbitC) busD)

56. What are the children wearing?

A) dressesB) GlassesC) HatsD)

57. How many buckets can you see in the picture?

A) OneB) TwoC) ThreeD) Four

58. What is lying on the book?

A) A ballB) A bowlC) A bridgeD) A balloon

59. What’s on the floor near the window?

A) A penB) A birdieC) A toy carD) A toy hare

60. What is the weather like outside? It’s …

A) rainyB) stornyC) sunnyD) snowy