41. How many people can you see in the street?

A) threeB) FourC) SevenD) Nine

42. How many people are going to cross the street?

A) ThreeB) FourC) SevenD) Nine

43. How many people ar cycling?

A) OneB) TwoC) ThreeD) Seven

44. Where are the people cycling?

A) Across the roadB) In the parkC) In the yardD) In the bicycle lane

45. How many street lamps can you see in the picture?

A) OneB) TwoC) ThreeD) Four

46. What is the weather like? It’s …

A) gloomyB) foggyC) rainyD) a bit cloudy

47. How many cyclist are riding to the right?

A) ThreeB) TwoC) OneD) Nobody

48. What are the people standing near the traffic lights going to do? To …

A) cross the streetB) take a tramC) ride a bikeD) catch the balloon

49. Which vehicle in the picture has a stripe, a cross on its side and a warming light?

A) A taxiB) A truckC) An ambulanceD) A patrol car

50. What types of transport can you see in the picture? … transport

A) waterB) Sea an undergroundC) RailwayD) Ground and air