31. The place you go to when you are ill

A) PolyclinicB) LibraryC) OfficeD) Circus

32. The person who treats you when you are ill.

A) PhysicistB) TeacherC) VetD) Physician

33. The place where you buy medicine.

A) Jeweller’sB) PharmacyC) ChurchD) Newsagent

34. The person you go to when you have a toothache.

A) PsychologistB) VetC) Allergy specialistD) Dentist

35. The doctor prescribes taking this to feel better

A) OilB) PillC) LotionD) Soap

36. You measure it when you are ill.

A) LungsB) HeartC) MoodD) Temperature

37. The person who helps the doctor to treat sick people.

A) LibrarianB) NurseC) DriverD) Passerby

38. The place where doctors do the surgery.

A) MuseumB) LibraryC) HospitalD) Cathedral

39. A doctor who is trained to perform medical operations.

A) An allegry specialistB) A nurseC) A surgeonD) A physhiatrist

40. After the doctor examines a patient he writes a …

A) letterB) contractC) scriptD) prescription