Fill in the right words

31. … he helps his mother and then he goes shopping.

A) First            B) AfterC) FartherD) After  then

32. We remember them. They were … neighbours.

A) oursB) themC) mineD) our

33. We haven’t got … eggs in the fridge.

A) anyB) someC) muchD) no

34. The farmer has got five cows and six …

A) shipB) shipsC) sheepD) sheeps

35. He usually goes to school … foot.

A) fromB) onC) inD) at

36. I have no siblings so I am a/an …

A) orphanB) singleC) stepsonD) only child

37. He … me to buy some fruit.

A) toldB) saidC) spokeD) ask

38. That’s the man … wanted to speak to you.

A) whoB) whichC) whatD) whose

39. My grandfather is … person in my family.

A) oldB) the olderC) the most oldD) the oldest

40. They prefer French …

A) cousinB) kitchenC) plateD) cuisine