51. She has … her purse at home.

A) leaveB) leftC) forgotD) forgottened

52. He … calm after the accident.

A) leftB) stayC) hadD) remained

53. He … down and broke his arm.

A) fallenB) fellC) fallD) filled

54. Mr Brown … in bed because he was ill.

A) lieB) liedC) lainD) lay

55. The doctor asked me not to … from sofa.

A) riseB) raiseC) roseD) risen

56. In autumn the birds … away to warm countries.

A) flownB) flowedC) flyD) flow

57. She couldn’t even … her hand to greet her friend.

A) riseB) raiseC) roseD) raised

58. He didn’t … his friend to fail the exam.

A) waitB) expectC) expectingD) expected

59. He apologised and … the room.

A) livedB) leaveC) leftD) live

60. We understood that he was … to us.

A) layingB) lyingC) lieingD)laining