Choose the words to write the text correctly

This is a … (21) of my family. We live in Scotland. Look at … (22). My parents … (23) called Pete and Ann. My mother is a teacher and my … (24) is an … (25). Mark is my older brother. He is standing behind my grandmother. My grandmother is sitting next to … (26) and my name is Margaret. The … (27) Rob and Dan are sitting with … (28) grandparents and Tim, my other brother. We are outside our summer house … (29) near the town … (30) Edinburgh.

21.A) picturB) pictureC) pikcherD) piccha
22.A) ourB) usC) weD) their
23.A) haveB) hasC) isD) are
24.A) fartherB) fatherC) furtherD) thather
25.A) engineerB) engenerC) engineD) engenier
26.A) mineB) meC) ID) my
27.A) tvinsB) tweansC) twinsD) tweens
28.A) oursB) themC) usD) our
29.A) He’sB) HisC) It’sD) Its
30.A) atB) onC) inD) of